Twine With A Twist *

Full Time Mommy. All The Time Golf Enthusiast. Partial Workaholic and Creative Craft Addict – Born and Raised in Detroit, Michigan!


I started this Blog in hopes to just chronologically keep tabs on my life while also sharing it with those I care about. Where it’s headed is nobody’s guess but I hope you can enjoy the chaos that is my life.

When first creating Front Paige News, I decided to break the blog into sections that best reflect what I hope to accomplish. . . Thus leading to my categories:

  • Mimosas & Mommyhood – Where I dish out most of my daily posts. Anything relating to anything really, especially the trials and tribulations of balancing motherhood with self-awareness and the every day possibilities and adventures of my world.
  • Photography – A place to post my amateur photos that I often take.
  • Creative Chaos – Where I share random updates and How-To’s, crafts I’m currently working on, home makeovers, etc.
  • #WifeLife – Where I recap moments in my marriage, the love, laughter and light-hearted humiliation that is what makes us “Us”
  • My Etsy Shop – Where I can introduce my readers to what it is I do for “me”. A personal shop in which I produce creative works for the Etsy Community. 

Once reading you’ll learn that I have a beautiful daughter, a loving husband, exciting career and a passion for the creative side. I’m obsessed with crafting and have a strange addiction to my Pinterest boards. I feel best when I can complete a creative project / planned event ( I LOVE PARTY PLANNING – Themes Themes Themes! ) from start to finish and believe that constantly challenging myself is what keeps me- and everyone else- on their toes. I love to take on new adventures: Photography. My Etsy Shop. This Blog. Married Life. Motherhood. The list keeps growing. I avoid boredom at all costs. . . I’m what some refer to as “Go-Go-Go”. It’s my upside and my downfall. #AtLeastICanAdmit.

I also enjoy an occasional trip to the lake, inappropriate humor, a good sporting event: Lions, Tigers and Wings Oh My, excessive communication (- I talk TOO much -) and am exceptionally partial to the game of Golf. I aspire to create a golf blog one day too . . . but for now, lets not get ahead of ourselves! I’m also a big fan of donuts. Please reach out whenever, I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

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♥If you need to reach me, my door is always open!*


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2 thoughts on “Twine With A Twist *

  1. Thanks for following my little blog! I am such a newbie that I just spent the last 15 minutes trying to figure out how to leave a freaking comment on your blog! I am also addicted to Pinterest. Is there ever a time that you don’t need to know how to make Reindeer hot cocoa gift bags from Pretzels and Red Hot candies? The answer is no!


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