Holy Rojo & A Gotta Love Your Husband Kinda Friday *

Happy Weekend Mother Friday’s! I personally cannot WAIT for dinner tonight. It’s hubby’s birthday and he decided on Mexican. While you don’t know me all that well (yet). . . . Mexican is by far my favorite feast of feasts.  A simple Irish gal, I feel as if my taste buds were exchanged at birth with that of a 90 year old Mexican man. I crave this shit. It’s not even normal. While I was tempted by the Cheddar Bay bundles of love earlier this week, I’m ecstatic about his decision and to make up for it, I’ll be picking up some of the mix tomorrow. . . I’ll let you know how it compares to the real Red Lobster. 

So Rojo, I don’t know much about it. I’ve only eaten here once, on Taco Tuesday. It was a spur of the moment idea with my friend Carrie and we enjoyed more Coronas than we did Tacos. It’s supposed to be an upscale Mexican spot I suppose? While my heart will always be with Sagebrush, (we’ll talk about that later) I  can’t comprehend driving 45 minutes to dinner. Rojo is close, convenient and looks extremely tasty. I’ve heard good things. . . . let the drooling begin. 

Birthday Dinner

So anyhow, yes. It’s my husband, Pj’s Birthday. He’s 31 #Old. We don’t exchange gifts until midnight tonight (My Birthday’s Tomorrow –  Just a fun little tradition we started) but I did happen to give him one gift early. A Bath Robe. Yes, that’s when you know you’re old. But seriously, he needed it. Walking around butt-ass naked from shower to basement every morning/evening to find clothes after bathing was just unacceptable. Sometimes gifts are more than just “wants”. I saw a cute concept online a few years back for kids that goes something like: Something You Want, Something You Need, Something To Wear, Something To Read. (I thought that was super cute but unless he’s going to read the Redwings Logo on his hat I got him, I failed in one of the categories #Oops) Anyhow, I’m excited to gift him the rest of his things. . . . A Northface (welcome to the club PJ) – Something To Wear. Redwings Hat – Something To Read / AKA Another Want I Am Just A Failure. This Ghostbusters Shirt – Something He Wants. I did ok, although technically everything is something to wear. #I’mSoConfused. #AreYou? Anyhow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! Can’t Wait To Grow Old Together – Literally! ♥ 

Happy Birthday PJ

To close this Friday. . . I just want to spend a quick second being that annoying mother. I got to spend the day with Paige yesterday (I work remote on Thursdays) and we had a perfect day. Ya know those days where you just couldn’t be happier being a mommy? Gah. I love them. We had 2 doctor appointments (one for her,one for me) then we went and got The Hefty Hannah (6 cupcakes- you should really watch Pretty Little Liars #Obsessed) from Red Velvet Cake Shop because I fucking love cupcakes for PJ and I’s birthdays, grabbed some McDonalds on our way home because that’s her one treat every 6 months after a check up – and shots :(, watched Lilo & Stitch 3 times, bath time, homemade meatloaf and ended the evening with a Parents Night at her Montessori. I was SUCH a proud mommy. I really adore her school and how much she loves it. She’s only there 2 days a week and it’s seriously amazing how much she’s taken in in just 6 months already. 

Ok I’m done. I swear. I just wanted to share my fun filled day with you all. OH and to top off the day, I got mis-rang at the CVS. . .  I tried to explain to the attendant but she just was NOT getting it. FREE TAMPONS!!!

Happy Early Birthday To ME!

The Best Present A Girl Could Ask For. Happy Friday Bitches!! 


♥ – C

Fresh Prints Of Bel Air *

Ok, lets take a hot minute to assess where my crafting has been, where it’s going and WHY I didn’t think to name my Etsy Shop “Fresh Prints of Bel Air” – #FML #AnotherLostOpportunity . . . You see, I opened my own Etsy shop shortly after my wedding was over. I was bored out of my mind and I enjoyed some of the crafting so much that I decided to turn it around into something I could profit from (on the side). Just for fun, a total experiment. At first I had no idea what I was doing. Orders came in here and there, I would barely make a dime for the time I put in and over all I wondered what on earth I was even doing. But, it was something to call “my own”. *-This was of course BEFORE I began this blog and among many other things started dealing with the “Terrible 2’s”. 

Terrible Twos

After a while I began wondering if it was worth all the work (or lack there of). I added a few new items here and there but nothing really took off. I would stalk research other Etsy shops that sold other things, similar things, whacky things, things I liked and try to understand how they had been open half the time and sold 10 times my figures. I wanted to pretend they were just self employed, totally devoted and had no lives to get in the way of their beautiful shops. That’s when I decided I was going about this all wrong and my logic kicked in. . .

I spent the majority of 8 years Bartending. I could make $600 on an average night at some places. (No, I didn’t take my clothes off- I just worked at all the best bars!) Divide the 7 hours I was at work, I’m averaging a pretty penny per hour. NOW- Etsy: I’m working my ass off for 2-3 hours on a dumb burlap banner (or whatever other weird things I list in my Etsy Shop) that costs me supplies, gas, time with my family and multiple minutes I could have spent watching Gossip Girl Re-Runs. #I’mAnAddict. All For an $11 turnaround? While I’m no mathematician, (I barely passed statistics)  and apparently not very good at spelling either, (my computer just informed me I can’t spell Mathematician). . . . I can however, figure that this is just NOT very profitable. Thus in turn making this “crafting” that I so once loved seem like a fucking miserable way to spend my days a chore. 

My Current Situation When Compared To Bartending. . . . #WhatWasIThinkingGettingADegree??

At this point I decided that some of the things I did enjoy about my wedding planning were simple little side details that I may have over looked. I created a number of little prints that I had forgotten all about and really enjoyed making. I even made our Wedding Programs and Day Of Timelines (Both printed on a Brown Kraft Paper – If You Can Imagine) . . . I’ll just show you the proofs (Below) since my photographer was the worst fucking vendor we had and declined to take any detail oriented photos whatsoever. (I only made sure to underline this 1,000 times prior to show time, I put a lot of hard work into this day- none of which was captured.) #SheDeservesToHaveHerCameraStolen. I won’t name drop for now, but that’s only because I had carrot cake for breakfast and I’m feeling slightly up beat. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.36.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.38.04 PM

After my wedding I decided to start making other cute prints as gifts which you can see in a previous post: Gifts For The Girls * and the creative obsession began. I was riffling through movie quotes, song lyrics, Pinterest boards, print searches and whatever else I could get my hands on to come up with my next idea. The creative process began, and still continues! Today, I’m successfully converting my Etsy Shop into a more “print friendly” shop if you will. I’ve devoted myself to creating print after print, color wheels, quotes and personal art that’s easily customized for each customer. I even spent the better part of yesterday morning  creating a Facebook Business Page for this new avenue and have added access to my shop through Etsy Theme Shop! (I can’t give myself too much credit though, I work in Social Media for a living, I better know how to do all this shit!)

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.14.51 PM

I have spent a lot of time considering the options and while I still list some of my favorite “Rustic” crafts, I’ve determined that it’s more appropriate for a full-time working mommy to be heading in this direction. The wonderful thing is that I create the prints once, save as a template and it’s done! It’s that easy! Less time spent stressing and more time spent eating ice cream with Paige, all while being able to dabble in something I truly enjoy! 

On a side note, my first full day having my Facebook Page up (Today), I won a contest through Etsy Theme Shop that gest me 100+ Likes and a Featured Ad to run on Thursday! I’ve met some awesome nice people via this contest already and can’t wait to check out their pages as well! I’m so very excited but rather nervous. I need to get posting some new prints!! Wish me luck. 

Do Any Of You Have Etsy Shops Or Sell Something Online?? Please Share, I love to follow new small business!! Xo.



– C

Cheddar Bay Biscuits & Quaaludes *

So it’s Tuesday. I haven’t had a single post since last Monday. . . as you probably read, it was a rough one. The whole week was really. I swear I was working on a post for the past 4 days but it crashed without saving a single word yesterday afternoon, to which I said Fuck It. I then quickly realized my computer had a virus!!! It’s an Apple. They never get viruses. It’s unheard of, impossible! Well, lets just say when your husband convinces you that his coworker owns a copy of “Wolf of Wallstreet” that we can download on to my computer to watch at home. . . .it’s probably NOT legit. Like really? Not sorry about it though. I enjoyed the hell out of that movie from my very comfy couch with a Biggby Frozen Hot Chocolate and some Goldfish crackers. #MyLife.

It was great quality too (I was expecting the Seinfeld bootleg), something about being for “ratings viewing only” kept scrolling across the tippy top of the screen from time to time but hey, I give it a TV MA (and then some). It was wildly inappropriate but was all together fantastic. A little long like people had mentioned but at no point was I ever bored. I think the entire premise of the film was to fill you in on the illicit lives of these wall street execs and show you the trouble they were getting themselves into. If you ask me it just made me want to go sell a few penny stocks and do a bunch of cocaine. #KiddingAside, This movie was outright rowdy! I suggest you watch it for the pure and simple fact that Leo is a genius ( ♥ HIM ) and it’s just truly hilarious. Jonah isn’t too bad either. Ps. #IfYouDon’tLikeBoobsThisFilmIsNOTForYou.

So anyhow, lets move on to Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Through typical mundane conversation, my friend Ashley and I were discussing the wretched places that her 7 year old daughter wants to go for her birthday dinner this weekend (her birthday is Sunday- Paige can’t wait to go to the party – once discovering all parties/showers include cake, she’s a fan. #whoknew? PS. She picked Red Robin). Since it’s also my Husband’s birthday Friday and MY birthday Saturday, she asked us what our plans were for the celebrations. . . . to which I realized that our birthday weekend was in no way going to be as exciting as a 7 year olds. We just planned on going to dinner Friday with our parents and daughter. #GettingOld.

We’ve always celebrated together, because, well, why the hell not? It would be idiotic to try and cram another event on our busy calendar when we can simply blow candles together. Plus it’s fun. We exchange gifts at the stroke of midnight – When Pj’s Birthday ends and My Birthday begins. It’s kinda the routine we came up with our first year together to “share” the day. When Ashley asked where we were going to eat (apparently NOT Red Robin), I realized I had no idea. This however didn’t bother me. . . I can really go anywhere . . . Except Chilli’s. They really went down hill over the past few years and I despise their lazy attempt at a half-assed tex-mex menu. I mean seriously, it’s well known the midwest’s Mexican food sucks, I’m well aware. But if you’re gonna go for it, give it all you got. Ribs?? Really? Since when was that a favorite? #ChillisYou’reStupid. If I could go anywhere for dinner it would be San Diego. Yes, the city. Between Taco Fiesta and The Donut Bar, I could create the outright best birthday dinner / desert combo this girl has ever seen. 

Regardless, these fantastic destinations don’t exist in the mitten and while I can daydream all I want, I in no way  will ever get my hands on these delightful treats before the 1st. So, with that said- Cheddar Bay Biscuits. I don’t even like Red Lobster all that much, and if you know me, I HATE CHEESE. (Yeah I know it’s weird, I hear it all the time. Just deal with it for the time being and we can address this subject at another time.) BUT: These scrumptious little morsels are found warm, toasty and never ending on every table in the joint. How CAN you eat just one?! #SoTrue

I’m a huge fan and their is no denying it. I could eat an entire basket to myself, no shame. While I continued my conversation with Ashley, I mentioned that I may or may not utilize my daughter’s inability to produce sentences to my advantage and have proclaimed her love for these biscuits on more than one occasion. Thus hinting the desire she has mom has to visit Red Lobster. This isn’t a total lie. She did eat 2 biscuits before dinner even arrived when she was only 1 year old and roughly 15 pounds. I think the math speaks for itself. #SheLovesThemToo.

This is when the tables were turned. Now PAY ATTENTION: I have spent many a months pinning recipe after recipe hoping to find one copycat that didn’t require a space ship and 14 different herbs included. While I am all about making something myself whenever possible, some of these “DIY Copy Cat Recipes” are for the birds. Honestly? I’m lazy. I want instant satisfaction. On that note, I give you THIS:

Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Cheddar Bay Biscuit MIX! Ok, listen. I am sure these have been around for like years at this point, and NO, I didn’t have a clue. But it’s things like that this make my Tuesday and for everyone out there that already knew. . . shame on you for not posting about it sooner! I’ve yet to see this make my pin-feed but I’ve seen 101 DIY recipes. I can’t honestly be expected to pull that shit off on a week night. #LetsBeReal. 

All in all, I have NO idea where we are going to dinner this weekend. I still haven’t mentioned it to my husband and I’m positive my in-laws probably have somewhere in mind already. But knowing that these priceless little treasures are out there makes this decision all the more relaxed. I can sleep easy tonight in knowing that I can enjoy the pleasure of these biscuits from the comfort of my home . . .  and if we end up at Denny’s this Friday, at least we didn’t waste an evening without Never Ending Shrimp. #NobodyGoesToRedLobsterForTheLobster. 

What are some famous treats gone “grocery” that you know of?? Always looking for new trends!! 🙂 


– C

Fuck You Mondays . . . *

So I went off to bed last night not entirely sure what I would feel like posting today . . . until today started. 

monday you bastard

Oh My Lord. . . . I haven’t had a Monday this bad in years! To start, I’ve been visiting a chiropractor for an achy shoulder situation this past week and I wake up ten times last night in killer pain. . . . (clearly the Chiro is not helping). Roll out of bed to get my daughter ready for school and rush around per usual in a chaotic yet, completely insane manner. . . only to leave the house forgetting some password my husband needed me to text him . . . .

Turn around. Get Pissed. Swear in front of child. . . . apologize, sort of. Proceed to head back to school. Out of windshield wiper fluid. #OfCourse  Pull in parking lot, unbuckle Paige. . . . teacher comes strolling out to remind me “She doesn’t have school today”. #FML. Call my in-laws. Ask if they can watch her? Yes. Get back in car. Swear More. Don’t bother apologizing, too late for that now. Drive all the way across town. Drop Paige off. Angry Baby. Annoyed Mom. Back to work . . . .half hour late.

case of the mondays

Sit down at my computer and attempt to work. Remind myself to pay bills (what every human wants to do on a Monday – #Yesss). Pay ALL the wrong bills for this current pay cycle. Swear Profusely. Do NOT apologize. Start to wince, take computer to back closet. Proceed to almost cry in dark closet. Call bank and ask that my large student loan payments be stopped. NO Can Do. #FML. Swear More. Try to see in what way I can flip my bills around and somehow still pay on time and not be poor. Not possible. Phone bill’s due tomorrow. . . . #GonnaBePoor. Go to heat up coffee in office microwave. Blow Fuse. . . . . . . #SayFuck. Sit down and write this post.

It’s only 12:30 PM. That’s only the half of it!! (Literally).

I brought a turkey sandwich for lunch. A Margarita sounds better. Or Maybe a Cupcake. Or maybe, BOTH!

margarita cupcake

*Thank You BrownEyedBaker For This Tantalizing Image To Get Me Through My Day.

 Oh Monday. . . .Fuck You

I would also like to note that I have NEVER in my life paid all the wrong bills and that I can honestly say that I don’t always hate Mondays, I actually consider them a fresh start! Oh but this Monday. . . . This I can’t ignore.  While I was already aware this week would be a challenge, this is just NOT what I needed to kick it off. Maybe I’m being tested so that the rest of this week won’t seem so horrid? #WhoKnows.

What Hell Stricken Mondays Have You Had?


– C

Crafty Canvas Covers *

Since I went Mrs. Clean on my house 2 weeks ago and organized each and every crevice; my usual chores have been few and far between. With all this new time on my hands I’ve of course come across a few “projects” to tackle and I’ve decided to fill you in on my latest!

Canvas Creations

This project was not only incredibly affordable but was a total piece of cake! I have been trying to decide what I can do with all these extra pieces of fabric lying around and after a totally failed attempt at trying to attach scrapbook paper to canvas, I decided to repurpose the fabric in a somewhat similar fashion. I’ve seen the idea around and have heard of friends doing similar projects but couldn’t find a “How-Two” anywhere so I decided to tackle this on my own, didn’t seem too difficult! 


The Items I used I already had or picked up on random outings to the craft store here and there. The letter P I planned on using for another project but figured I could use it more effectively on something like this. Plus, I can always pick another one up. The Flower I just saw in a clearance bin at Michael’s one day and thought it would look cute. I grab weird things all the time and never know what I’ll use them for, until I do!

Anyhow, here are the items I pulled together for this project. . . . 


  • 4 Canvas Boards (Whichever size you prefer, I chose the small 4 pack they offer at the craft store)
  • Random fabrics (best if you can find a color scheme or something to pull together)
  • Staple Gun (+ Staples)
  • Hot Glue Gun ( + Glue Sticks)
  • One Wooden Letter
  • One Large Flower Accent


The accents are totally optional and you can of course add whatever you would like to spice this party up, I just personally went with what I already had. Or you can even just leave them blank, whatever blows your skirt up. 

So lets get on with these fool proof steps so you bitches can all go on with your day . . . .


Step 1: Grab one of the fabric remnants you want to utilize and make sure it’s ironed flat. Lay one of the canvas squares on top and cut roughly 2-3 inches around each edge.


Step 2: Take the bottom and top edges and fold them over the back side of the canvas. Make sure to pull them tight and begin stapling along the wooden frame. 



Step 3: Once complete, work on the left and right edges and do the same. Fold each edge as if you were wrapping a christmas gift. This part is a little difficult (especially for men – if any men are ACTUALLY reading this right now- but seriously, what is wrong with you, why can’t you comprehend folding paper around a box?? It’s mind boggling. We all know you could make the best paper airplanes in 2nd grade. Stop pretending you’re so awful. ) but if you make sure to really tighten up the fabric, you’ll be all set. 


Ok, so this first one might not be the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen but hey, I’m totally winging this! Plus, it’s the back of the canvas, who cares! My second one went MUCH smoother. I found it easier to staple the inside fold then the outer fold. More staples but a cleaner look. It’s up to you! 


Once you’re finished you should have a smooth, clean and pretty little fabric covered canvas. Once finished with all four you’re ready to decorate! As you can see below, the first one is clearly the “demo”. I got a hang of it by the second, third and fourth. #ThankGod.



Step 4: Grab your wooden letter and start painting. (That is, IF you are painting said letter. You may want to leave it black or white or even wood, whichever it came in to begin with. I was stuck with black and was going for Pink so I had to bust out my paint collection! )


If you don’t already know, paint is typically wet for a while (Yes I just said that, you never know who’s reading) so lay your letter aside afterwards allowing time to dry. I use the cheap acrylic paints that take rarely more then 30 minutes to dry. If it helps, you may want to use a primer on black letters too (if that’s what you ended up with), as it didn’t cover with one coat. 


Step Five: Get to glueing! Make sure to heat up your hot glue gun and add whichever little details your heart desires. First, I glued the flower on. I had to remove a bit of hardware from the back before attempting to attach but it went on with no major issues. 



Next came the Letter P. I literally drenched the back of this thing in glue as I was afraid it wouldn’t stick. It stuck just fine, no worries here!! 



TADA!  There you have it, you’re done already. I hope it went as seamless for you as it did for me, this project really was a synch! Not to mention it’s adorable. Now I just have to decide whether to hang it in my Daughter’s room (Paige) or my new and colorful craft room! -Which I will totally blog about later, I’m in love with how it’s coming along!!) 


So there you go, another project down in the books, another post to finally blog. I’m almost as proud that I’ve completed another post as I am that I completed the craft at hand. #TrueStory. I hope you enjoyed the project and that it’s something you yourself can re-create! Feel free to share your results and let me know, are there any projects you yourself have recently attempted?? 


– C

Gifts For The Grandparents *

So back before the holidays, I was on this kick of making sentimental gifts for close friends and family. . . while I should have probably gotten around to blogging about it then, I was too busy back-up shopping online in case these hypothetical gifts didn’t turn out as I imagined. To be honest I was quite surprised- I’m not such a hack after all!

I spent many a hour riffling through Pinterest boards and Blogs searching for some sort of inspiration when I landed on TipJunkie’s “14 Gifts For Grandparents” and decided to roll with it! I came across a few ideas I liked but one in particular stood out to me, #9- The Family Photo Display. The photo linked me back over to My Simple Obsession’s Blog where I found the simple and cute directions to create such a project- 

Family Spotlight Photo Display Tutorial

While I’ve always enjoyed the creativity behind a personal project, I can’t help but crave the challenge of completing an idea inspired by someone else. I like to know that I too, can do that! I too, am a somewhat crafty bitch! I too, can be a productive member of society! I also would like to take this chance to show Sarah, who created this project over at My Simple Obsession , that she is MUCH more talented than I but that I was, however, inspired by her post. I love her blog, it’s cute, simple and super fun. She’s got some great ideas so if you ever get the chance, go check it out! 

So anyhow, after looking over her post, I determined a few things that I may have to change or modify:

  1. Without one of those Cricut machines I was a lost soul. While I’m excellent at freehand lettering and I’m a huge fan of collecting stencils, I was in no way going to stack up against her perfected fonts. They are divine. I then moved on to adding the Cricut to my future Christmas List (It was too late of notice for this year, I didn’t want to be #thatwife.) Once adding it to the list, I surrendered to the idea that I would just have to utilize my stencils. . . and it wouldn’t be “perfect”. The end. 
  2. I wasn’t able to find the same size plaques at Michaels she lists in her post. I unfortunately was out shopping at the wrong time and they only had one left (I needed two – Both sets of Grandparents). I resorted to a lengthier and much more slender version they still had in stock. It wasn’t my favorite but it worked. . . . again settling. It’s tough for a perfectionist like myself but I’ve learned this whole act of “re-creating” other’s projects forces me to work with what I have, not with what I want. #BabySteps.
  3. I didn’t have her exact floral options but I did find some nice alternatives in the scrapbook section of Michaels. Or maybe it was the Martha Stewart section? (Is that a section? I don’t know.)
  4. I didn’t have the chance to run to Walmart for said “Burlap Ribbon” she lists in her supplies but I did however see some nice burlap looking ribbon at 70% off at checkout. #Score.
  5. I didn’t use eyelet screws, I used those micro mini nails I always find left over in the garage. . . I was totally scavenger hunting for the missing pieces to this project, not even going to lie. 
  6. I chose not to paint the plaque but instead, stain it. We stained our kitchen back splash with multiple stains over the summer and I had a ton left over, again rations. Also, I just love the look. 

Once I got home and I had collected all the supplies I would need for this project. . . . I began to plot my path to project perfection. Below is a list of all the items I acquired to complete the task at hand. While they differ slightly from Sarah’s post, I felt I could still accomplish my end goal. 



  • Burlap Ribbon (Michaels)
  • Wooden Plaque (Michaels)
  • Mini Nails (2) 
  • Mini Clothespins (Michaels – come in a variety of colors!)
  • Hemp Twine (Walmart)
  • Paint Marker (Michaels – One Black, One White)
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Floral Decoration (Of your choosing) 
  • Staple Gun 
  • Stains (Home Depot – Of your choosing)

Step One: Stain the plaques. I used a variety of english wood, black and an old barn grey. They created a dirty, rustic brown. I couldn’t decide on an exact color so I just kept adding layers of all of them. . . .5 layers to be precise and NO, you don’t have to do this. You can more then happily just buy one stain you prefer and do one or two layers until you get the desired effect.  


Make sure to wipe off each layer of stain after you apply it. This was important for me to know as I was a first time stainer myself. . . .luckily the hubby had some good experience before our kitchen backsplash “project” as you can see in the background. (He did such a good job, all the wood turned out different shades and I instantly fell back in love. . . with our kitchen. DUH!)


Once they are done being stained (and wiped down) the plaque should look something like this. . . (See Above). Let these dry for the next 24 hours before attempting to complete the project. Also, DO THIS OUTSIDE. I made the mistake of attempting it on our kitchen counter. The house smelled for days, not to mention if it gets on ANYTHING it could be totally destroyed. I got lucky on that one but seriously, just take it from me. OUTSIDE. 


Step Two: Lettering. This requires a stencil of your choice and your paint markers. You can use actual paint if you prefer but the paint markers make it incredibly easy! I pick them up at the craft store all the time! The phrase goes: GRANDKIDS  (Large Font Above) – Make Life More Grand (Small Font Below).


Once finished with step two you should have a pretty little outcome such as this. . . .(See Below). I know it’s not Cricut perfect but hey, it was a $4 solution to a $150+ Cricut dilemma. Side Note: I was following the examples on My Simple Obsession’s post so closely that I committed the exact same grammatical disaster Sarah warned us NOT to do. That’s what I get for just following the pictures #ChildAtHeart. Regardless – It’s MAKE not MakeS. I did however realize my error before completing the second plaque. . . (remember I’m making two – one for each set of Grandparents), in case you missed that part. So that’s good. 


Step Three: Involves those little nails I was telling you about, or eyelet screws, or whatever you yourself may have purchased (or found on your garage floor like me). Basically line them up along the bottom Right and Left corners level to one another. 


I personally just eye-balled it but whatever it is you prefer, be my guest. Some people are more anal than others. Personally, I’m not really into that. . . . #I’veGotJokes. Oh, and if I didn’t mention it before, you need a hammer. 


Step Four: Attaching the hemp twine. It’s pretty simple really, just tie the hemp to each nail and make sure it’s rather taught. If it isn’t, your photos will sag once you hang them. If that’s the look you’re going for then by all means, slip it some slack! 


Step Five: Attach those cute little flowers you’ve been waiting to use! First off, remember to heat up your hot glue gun! (I always forget that step in everything, go to squeeze out glue. Boom! No glue. Also, really hard to squeeze.) Once your gun is heated, put a little glue on the back of each flower and place them wherever you please! 


I went for the paper flowers as opposed to the fabric option that Sarah’s blog mentioned. I honestly didn’t have a preference I just happened to come across these first while creeping the craft store and I liked the colors. Fabric would be cute too, these were just more my style. 


Step Six: Attach the ribbon. Take your burlap ribbon and cut two equally length pieces then staple them to the back of your plaque. I personally tied the bow first THEN stapled it to the plaque. This helped me to make sure the bow was equally centered, . . . at least my brain thinks so. 


Step Seven: Take those cute little clothespins you’ve collected and get to pinning! This was my favorite step as I’m OBSESSED with all things Mini. I also loved selecting which pins I wanted to use as Michaels had SO many cute colors I never had expected. 


& finally, you’re finished! Well minus adding the photos. I personally added pictures of our little Paige before I gave them as gifts but I mistakenly forgot to photograph them before I gave them away as gifts! Sometimes it slips my mind I’m actually going to blog all of this. . . I’m learning. Slowly. But regardless, below is the final product! 


It’s so cute! (Although I must say it was even cuter when I added my little munchkin’s snap shots! It was the perfect gift for the grandparents. My in-laws even hung it in their living room, a place that no child has ever landed before in the history of the Scally household. #ProudMoment! 

So in closing I would just like to thank Sarah over at My Simple Obsession for providing me such a wonderful idea and challenging me to create something meaningful for the Grandparents! So tell me, which projects have challenged you? I would love to hear your thoughts and especially projects you’ve tackled. . . as I may try them myself! 


– C

An Exciting Tuesday (Who Knew Right?) – {Sh*t Men Say Link-Up #1}*

So today I just wanted to re-fill (not your soda) you in on this amazing friend of mine (who I know I’ve already mentioned but I adore her posts) who has shown me what it is to Blog. I have like 2 followers and she’s averaging like 50+ comments per post. I Love it. She’s so inspiring and her Blog, Voyage of the MeeMee, is non-stop laughter. She just writes about whatever and literally speaks through her words. I can hear her voice in every post and it’s exactly what a great Blog should be.

Today I just wanted to take the time to write a short post about this new Link-Up she’s doing with her pal Danae at Duh Danae, on Sh*t Men Say. It’s honestly going to be priceless and while I have a first hand knowledge of the weird shit Amanda’s BF says, I can hardly wait to read what the rest of the web’s men are saying. It’s going to probably become one of my top favorite posts each month. So PLEASE head over to their Blogs and check this shit out, it’s gonna make you laugh. #Obviously. Oh and be sure to tweet some of your men’s thoughts with the hashtag, #shitmensay and tag Amanda and Danae in your thoughts as I’m sure they would love to follow!! 

Also, join the Link-Up on their posts. I have NO idea how to do it (I’m attempting right now) so I can’t offer much assistance but I’m pretty sure I’ll figure it out. #AmanadaHELPME Bahaha. I will however close this small post by sharing a few awkward and verbal moments that I’ve spent with my husband in hopes they can use it as food for thought. . . . 

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.07.05 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.04.26 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.05.55 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.05.34 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.05.23 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.10.57 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.23.57 AM

Oh, and I haven’t even gotten started on his #Twitter. He lives on that. Regardless, it’s just a fact that men say some incredibly awkward things. My most recent favorite was when I returned home this past Sunday evening to find him sitting on the couch watching Netflix. . . I sat down and asked what we were watching to which he replied, “Watching a documentary on killer whales, you know, the one we’ve talked about watching.” Mind you, we have NEVER discussed this before- watching said show, or have even uttered the words “Killer Whale” to one another in our 5 years together as co-workers or co-people. I was so amused at this reply that I couldn’t fight back the laughter. He’s just something else! So in closing, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out the Sh*t Men Say Link-Up by these girls, it’s gonna be GREAT! 

Happy Tuesday Bitches! 


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