The Real True Story About How Parents Adopted Out Their Child When He Told Them He Was Gay *

Today, I want to share a story about a family that is near and dear to my heart. I met Dale in my first job out of college. I worked at an HR firm in Troy and Dale became-and still is- somewhat of a “Mentor” to me in the professional, and personal sense. He’s an amazing father/husband, hard worker and more than anything an inspiration. I always knew about his adoption story but it wasn’t until this recent story was published that I knew the full extent of his family’s situation. My husband (Patrick) and I met at my previous company and both knew Dale extremely well. He’s always been a light-hearted friend who gives solid and sound advice. . . . which we definitely need from time to time! While PJ and I have just begun the challenges of parent-hood ourselves, this story was extremely touching to both of us. This morning, I want to share this piece from evolequals so that you too can see what an inspiring story this is for not only the gay community, but the people who surround and support them. Michigan has recently passed the law allowing Gays to marry in the state of Michigan and I thought no better way to start-off this wonderful week than to share this eye-opening piece. Thank you Dale and Mindy for being the people that you are! You remind me daily what it is to be a better person, a better parent. I can’t thank you enough for making this world a better place. 

evoL =

Early April 2013 a story on social media started immediately “going viral”.  72,000 people shared a story called, “PARENTS PUT 16 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER UP FOR ADOPTION AFTER LEARNING SHE IS GAY”.  Almost as suddenly as the story had taken off, it halted.  Blushing page administrators started removing it quickly as details, such as the family living in “Southern Carolina” pointed to a growing understanding.  The story was fake.  It was, in fact, a satire from the site Deacon Tyson Bowers III.

The story was not far fetched.  Writer and LGBT youth advocate Cathy Kristofferson states, “Youth who come out to their parents are rejected by those parents at a rate of 50%, with 26% immediately thrown out of the house to become instantly homeless and many following soon after as a result of the physical and verbal abuse … Empowered by the gains in equality and acceptance with the…

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Friday Favorites – Fun & FREE Fonts! *

It’s FRIDAY! That’s right, and you know what that means: Friday Favorites. A time for us to share in all the wonderful things that make us happy, because why not? It’s everyone’s favorite day of the work-week and to celebrate we should bask in all that is happy. So let’s get to it!

Friday Favorites

Today’s Friday Favorites is dedicated to some of my favorite fun and FREE fonts! With so many to chose from and a never-ending afternoon of downloads ahead, each font-finding endeavor seems to take longer then the last. But why search high and low when you can simply surrender to this blog and find  fun, easy-to-download fonts with the simple click of link?! So without further ado, I give you:

Free Fonts We Love!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 2.20.04 PM To Download:

Jazzy Essay
KB Zip A Dee Doo Dah
Little Bird 
Olive Tue Les Fourmis
Marcelle Script
KG Strawberry Lime-aid
Organic Fruit
Stars From Our Eyes
Orange Juice
Marketing Script
Lemon Drop

No need to thank me, I know you will all be downloading the bejeezus out of these fonts. I mean why wouldn’t you? They are just too cute. . .  and who doesn’t LOVE Free anything? I could download fonts ALL day week. (No seriously, I have been. #DontJudgeMe).

What are some of your favorite fonts? I would love to know- But really, I will probably spend the rest of the evening downloading any of your recommendations! #SuchAnExcitingLifeILive.

Happy Friday!


Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 4.35.08 PM

The Lost Confessions *

I can’t help but surrender to the idea that I’m incapable of pre-planning my blogging week. While I look forward to the day that I can call myself “organized”, it doesn’t help that I’m currently a ball of chaos. I confess, I love creeping on all the ideal Pinterest ways in which to Organize/Promote/Influence your blog, but let’s be real, between my full-time career, part-time Etsy business, being a mom, wife, and living anything remotely close to a life. . . .pre-planning a blog is hardly on my to-do list!

To be brutally honest, I confess: I have been super proud of myself for even getting on here almost every day and getting something on paper! While I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator, I tend to do my best work in the heat of the moment the last damn second of my day. Hell, I typically don’t even post for the day until 4pm and THAT is another thing I hope to change. . . you and your morning posts! #OverAchievers!!! I have these grand ideas you see, of a blog that has substance, flow, even an “agenda”. . . . right now it’s just a damn disaster and I truly appreciate all of you that follow along while I stumble to find my footing!

While the majority of the blogs I follow have a solid voice, I have to admit that I in no way have any idea where this little guy’s going. I have this schedule in mind where every week I do something like: Monday: (insert idea here- probably bad that I can’t even start the week with a solid thought), Tuesday: (something about married life, motherhood, serious shit), Wednesday: (Confessions & Funny stuff), Thursday: (DIY And How-To’s), Friday: (Favorites) and the Weekend: Well, you’re lucky if I even think twice about the blogisphere! This my friends is a long way off from my current status and while I hope to one day make it, for now I’m completely ok with having absolutely nothing in mind when I click “New Post”. #LiterallyNothing.

Confession: This post wasn’t decided until I clicked on “New Post”. I typically am bursting with confessions but I wanted to take this weeks Rant to a more organized place. #BecauseThinkingOutLoudIsAlwaysSoOrganized. [Right]. But seriously, what’s more to confess when you’ve come to realize that you’re confessing to yourself that you can’t even come up with a topic for confessions?!?. . . That is stems back to the fact that you have to admit (confess) that you aren’t the most organized blogger, then you realize that your faults are just piling up and all result in the simple fact that you can’t pick a damn topic to write about! Thank God for Kathy over at Vodka and Soda for at least solidifying my Wednesdays with a constant theme. If it wasn’t for her Humpday Confessions, I’m positive Wednesdays would be another (insert idea here) kind of day! Obviously, make sure you go check her out – It’s a great Wednesday tradition.

While I’m positive you’ve all been in my shoes (if you haven’t, stop bragging!), I would love a bit of advice on where and when you  found your “flow” – If you will? Do you even have one? Am I supposed to be this worried about it? How in the F do you guys plan out your blogs and if you don’t how in the hell do you find interesting material? What tips do you have for me?


The Lost Blogger.


Ps. Make sure you stop over at Fitness Blondie’s: Hump Day Blog Hop for more mid-week fun as well and link-up with the rest of her crew!


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Rain Boot Love *

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 5.43.02 PMWhat is it about rain boots that can just magically put a girl in the best of moods? I can’t put my finger on it, but I can tell you one thing, it makes up for the horrible weather. There is something about looking outside on a dreary day and knowing deep down that you can lighten the mood by slipping your feet into some sleek, stylish and oh-so-sexy wellingtons! While my husband would eagerly disagree with the “sexyness” of Rain Boots, I can attest by sharing with you a number of advertisements by one of my favorite UK brands: Rockfish Wellies – that take Rain Boot sexy to a whole new level!

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 5.28.40 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 5.01.14 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 5.31.28 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 5.28.32 PM

Because every woman should rock her Rain Boots in bed . . . or straddling a motor cycle. #JustHopeTheRubberDoesn’tMelt. But seriously, how can you NOT want Wellies after these ads?

In honor of the horrible/wet season of spring that’s upon us, I thought to share a few of my favorite pairs (via. Pinterest) that I have always adored. I have a few pairs of my own as well as a “Rainboot Wish List” which is comprised of multiple pairs of boots that range upwards of $300. #Unnecessary. Don’t worry I have totally unrealistic expectations on a regular basis when it comes to things I want. . . . however, I hardly ever actually obtain such things as I’m BROKE. I am still holding out for the day that I can just print my entire Pinterest “My Style” board, hand it to a personal shopper and say “find all of this”. If someone knows a way in which I can make this happen besides playing the lotto, as I have horrible luck- Please keep me in the loop. Thanks! Xo.

Rainboots .jpg

What are your favorite shoes? Do you rock the Rain Boots and if so – which pair are your favorite? Which are just a MUST have? #KeepRaining!



Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 4.35.08 PM

Panties, Mondays & Arial Narrow *

You would think after an entire weekend of being “Blog Free” I would be jumping to get back in front of my monitor. . . . This week my friends, that’s just NOT the case. While I’m typically not all about hating on our friend “Monday”. . . .I feel like this weekend was hardly a break from reality. #INeedADayOffFromMyDaysOff.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 3.50.23 PM

You see, I spent an insane amount of time working on a 30+ hour Etsy order this weekend, shipped an additional 4 orders and completed a last-minute print for my sister-in-law at 3am Saturday for a Shower she had Sunday. . . . and after what felt like 7 days of non-stop slave labor, I’m beginning to feel the pressures of a work/life balance crumble beneath me. My Etsy shop is basically just busy enough to take away 75% of my personal “Me” time yet not nearly busy enough to justify foregoing my actual career. So essentially I’m at a constant crossroads and I just want to take a nap. All. The. Time. You know the kind of naps I’m referring to. . . . the naps where you only take them because you have so much other stuff to be doing that the only logical solution is to just pass the hell out and do none of it. At all. Ever.

Naps. Naps. Naps.

Regardless, I still feel blessed on a daily basis for the business I receive and hope that one day I can take it up a notch! As for the rest of my Monday? Lets see, I just found a Victoria’s Secret coupon in my planner for Free: No Show Panties- Expires today. Guess we know what that means? Nothing like a little joy-ride to panty land to perk up your Monday evening! Although, to be honest, that “free” shit never comes in an XS and I typically can’t find an acceptable event to sport slouchy panties. . . so yeah, lame. #FML.

I also have to stop at Best Buy to return the RocketFish DSLR Wireless Remote that I treated myself to over the weekend. #Booo. Ok I lied, I swiped my husbands card but in my defense when hubby wants me to stop and pick something a video game (why I even try to be vague with the word something is beyond me) from BestBuy for him he typically thanks me by telling me to “buy myself something”. While this is thoughtful, he doesn’t ACTUALLY wish such events to play out as anything I want from Best Buy is typically $1,200 and higher. #IDontThinkThatIsWhatHeHadInMind.

This particular weekend I actually took him up on the offer and purchased a mere $20 RocketFish remote for my Canon Rebel T3 camera. I’ve been reading up on the wireless remotes from other photography blogs in the past 6 months and had been meaning to pick one up, seemed like the perfect opportunity. Too bad this shit only works on the T3i and above. [I suck.] I was so excited to test it out when I got home too! Photography is quickly becoming my new-found obsession, amongst 2,324 other things, but with no such luck on install, I was quickly forced to pack my little treasure back up. #Depressed. #TheSearchContinues.

Oh. I also spent the better half of my morning downloading Free Fonts. . . had been creeping around for some new concepts for prints and just had to get the “latest and greatest”. This of course turns into a half-day long event in which I have somehow downloaded 250+ fronts and now have to install them one-by-one . . . Which then, in turn, leads to me blogging about downloading fonts because I was so caught up in  Kg Tangled Up In You and Marketing Script that I forget to come up with something more interesting to share with the world. #WhatWasIThinking?? I will say, I don’t EVER get sick of Free Fonts though. . . I’ll be posting some of my favorites later this week!

Other than that it’s your typical Monday: Freezing cold (still), leaving your house in your slippers, running behind and the ever-repeating offense of forgetting to pull something out for dinner. #Woops.

How has your Monday been? Did anyone partake in anything fun and exciting this weekend? If so, please enlighten me as I have yet to find a life in recent months! ♥



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Friday Favorites- City Shots *

So this Friday Favorites is a little last minute but I’m finally posting something that I’ve been meaning to capture on my Blog. I am OBSESSED with New York City . Obsessed isn’t even the word . . . I have an unhealthy infatuation with all things that take me back to the city- if only for a moment. It’s by far, to date, my favorite place on earth and the most contagious and intoxicating environment I’ve ever been a part of.

Roughly 3 years ago, I came across Through The Lens – a New York based photographer Vivienne Gucwa – that has captured, time-and-again, the overwhelming inspiration I derive from every moment I spend in New York.

Friday Favorites

With this being said, I hope to share with you a few of my “Favorite” photos from the artist and inspire your Friday in a Big Apple kind of way! While our definitions of “a few” may be completely different, I hope you’ll find each photo to be as breathtaking as the last. #ItsWorthTheScroll. Keep in mind that I’ve been following this blog for YEARS and have always had a passion for photography so it’s hard to narrow it down. . . . every shot is just incredible. Also, make sure to follow Through The Lens on their Facebook page too, great photos updated often!

All Photos In This Post Are Property Of Through The Lens Photography: Please Give Credit Where Credit Is Due! 

On that note I will be done. Absolute passion. Vivienne Gucwa you are my muse!! I NY. What are some of your favorite places? Do you have a photographer that you just adore?

Happy Friday!!


Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 4.35.08 PM

Ways In Which I Irresponsibly Utilize My Toddler – Volume I *

Since it’s Wednesday, I would like to take this time to confess the multiple things that I incorrectly utilize my toddler for at home. . . (while also confessing the complete lack of guilt that comes along with said post.) I believe this to be the beginning of a series of posts that will include other environments, situations and/or scenarios in which you can utilize your children improperly so please feel free to jump in with any and all ideas in the comments section below. I hope that you find this topic incredibly useful and I anticipate that if you don’t already have tiny tots of your own, you will come to appreciate their incredible versatility. Hell, maybe you will be so inspired as to go get one of your own!

ways in which i irresponsibly utilize my toddler.jpg

The Top Ten Things Toddlers Are Incredibly Useful For (Around The House):

  1. Alarm Clock – Paige walks in each morning roughly 5 minutes after my husband leaves for work. After anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks of this reoccurring routine, I have concluded that setting an alarm on my phone for 8:00 am is pointless. (Yes, I wake up at 8. Don’t judge me – I have a flex schedule I’m not a morning person.)
  2. Maid – Paige literally ENJOYS cleaning. I can’t take credit for this. While I do try to express the importance of a “clean” home, her Montessori wins the “child slave labor” award. She came home after only 2 weeks of school with the desire to wipe tables, throw away her own diapers and toss dirty laundry down our shoot. I don’t know what they are teaching her there but. . . #Winning.
  3. Remote Retrieval – Example: Mommy sits down on couch, forgets remote is across the room. “Paige will you please grab mommy the remote for the TV?” Paige grabs remote and brings to mommy. The end.
  4. Closer of All Things Open – I believe that Paige suffers from some mild form of OCD. I’m ok with this. So far it’s caused nothing but a few small arguments including the reasonable amount of times per day one baby should wash their hands, that cheerios cannot be lined up one-by-one (in a perfectly straight line) across the entire couch or that her juice cup doesn’t always HAVE to be placed in the cup holder. Despite these minor speed bumps we have come to notice some incredibly useful side effects, one being: no cupboard or drawer shall ever be left open in her presence. This also applies to the fridge and toilet seats. (Mind you, she doesn’t even use a toilet yet). She also enjoys rinsing dirty dishes, as this some how equates to additional “hand washes” – #Yipee.
  5. Interior Decorating: I have -on more than one occasion- utilized Paige’s infatuation with paint to assist in decorating my home. Hand her random object, brush, desired color of paint and Ta-Da! It’s done and all I had to do was supervise. Note: This event can/may result in discolored carpeting, colorful hair and/or pink dog fur. #SorryBaxter.
  6. Vacuum: Paige and Baxter take this responsibility incredibly serious. While toddler spills are often just as few and far between as the act of eating said spill off the floor (right), Paige is a stickler for cleaning every damn speck of anything off the ground, couch, table, etc. She has and will continue to bring me microscopic pieces of lint with the utmost concern. For this I am not thankful, just annoyed.
  7. Towel Boy – Ok she’s a girl, but you get the point. Every time I get in the shower and forget to grab a towel: “Paige, Mommy needs a towel!” She delivers with incredible speed, like Jimmy Johns. #FreakyFast.
  8. Dog Duty – Paige is responsible for giving our dog, Baxter, all of his treats. I am too lazy to get off the couch and do it myself, plus find very little reason to reward him – he’s kind of an ass. Paige also assists in Baxter’s bath time and alerts us as to when he would like to be let in from outside. #BecauseICouldNotHearTheExcessiveBarking.
  9. Helpful Hanger – Paige hands each article of clothing to mommy to be hung in her closet thus alleviating any effort of bending over to grab tiny clothes from laundry basket. She also sorts socks and sucks at it.
  10. Designated Dustpan Aficionado – Holds dustpan while I sweep floors. #ProbablyHerFavoriteThingOnTheList.

mop baby .jpg

And that’s a wrap! While I’m sure my husband can contribute any number of additional pointers to this already growing list, I feel that this first edition is one worth documenting. Do you utilize your children in irresponsible ways? Feel like adding one to the list or just attempting a few of these on your own time? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Note To Readers: To avoid any and all confusion: this post was clearly made in a humorous context. Anyone lacking a facetious remark will be swiftly smacked and removed from all comments until further notice. We like to laugh here.

If there is something you feel like confessing (like how badly you want to report me to CPS), make sure you hop on over to Kathy’s link-up at Vodka And Soda for her Humpday Confessions and get in on all the weekly fun!


Happy Hump Day!


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Bracketology Is NOT A Science *

Today I would like to share with you the science behind Bracketology. For any of you that may participate in the chaos that is the NCAA’s “March Madness”, or for those of you who just stand by and watch the men in your life go absolutely ape-shit over a meaningless month of basketball. . . let me be the first to tell you: it’s futile-silly-&-stupid. BUT this year –THIS YEAR– it could be worth a BILLION dollars. SO in that case, let’s go over a few pointers.


I take part in the study of “Bracketology” ever spring. It’s a fruitless endeavor for me, never actually capturing a win. As I type this, I’m actually considering the fact that I’m last person worthy of soliciting such advice. . . . then I remember; even the victorious has not a F’ing clue how they got there. March Madness is for EVERYONE. Seriously. You don’t have to follow the sport of college basketball – you can seriously be as dumb as a cat and pick your teams. Don’t believe me? Look:

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.14.36 PMSeriously though, if you want to see how the cat picks end up follow along here. It’s not a science, it’s not a study. Studying the act of chance is like T-Rex attempting to row a boat. It’s completely irrelevant in the world of luck. So how, may you ask, are we going to achieve anything by studying? Well, my friends. . . . a few facts that can help you in the game of brackets:

  1. There are 64 Teams, 32 predictions and 1:9,223,372,036,854,775,808 chances of getting a perfect bracket. In other words, #GoodLuckWinningABillion.
  2. Teams are seeded based on their season standings 16-1 in each conference. 1 = the best. #Duh.
  3. “Upsets” are when a lower seeded team beats a higher seeded team. Some people try to predict upsets but your safest bet is staying inside the chalk AKA 1 beats a 2, 8 beats an 11, 14 beats a 16, etc.
  4. If you are a female playing in a mainly male dominant bracket pool, pick a few “upsets” in the first round. Sure you might be wrong but if you pick purely on seed you’re throwing yourself to the wolves. Be a little gutsy . . . AKA stupid. Men surely are and they somehow find you to be “sports smart” when going against the odds? #ThisDefiesAllLogic. #MenAreStupid. Just be sure to keep upsets in your first round as these games are worth fewer points if you’re wrong- (See Rule 6 Below).
  5. A #16 team has never knocked out a #1 team. #Ever. So don’t go getting all Cinderella Story. It’s all about probability and then again, total chance. But no, not every matchup is 50:50 so be realistic.
  6. Scoring Points Are (Typically) As Follows: First Round (1) – Second Round (2) – Sweet Sixteen (4) – Elite Eight (8) – Final Four (16) – National Champion (32)
  7. You CAN and should pick teams based on if you like the coach’s hair.
  8. You are allowed to pick outcomes based on team mascot. I prefer the Georgetown Bulldog over the Florida Gator. #JustSaying #ImADogPerson
  9. It’s ok to cheat- if that’s what you want to call it. I spend hours and hours “researching” other sport analyst’s brackets and then turn around and use that shit to create my own work of art. Some guy thinks that Gonzaga’s a worthy upset? This team injured their best player? Some big-shot at Bleacher Report feels Baylor’s offense is more reputable than Wisconsin’s forward? (What’s a forward?) ESPN is calling for the Spartans? SURE, Why not? #SeeWhatIMean. #NoIdea.
  10. If all else fails just flip a coin.
  11. Pick teams you like. If you graduated from Florida I’m not going to be surprised if you have them going ALL THE WAY. It’s all for fun!

But seriously, in the world of sports, nothing is certain. Brackets around the world will be filled out time and again this week and nobody -no really- nobody will have any idea of what to expect until the clock starts ticking down.

A few helpful sites to check out are:

Deciding how to run an office bracket? Tips and Tricks HERE.

For anything and everything you could possibly need to know about college basketball click HERE.

How to Legally Win a Billion Dollars From Warren Buffet – The real life details and breakdown of this billion dollar bracket found HERE.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.09.30 PM

Above is a sample of my personal bracket that I submitted not only to my annual ESPN Pool (Friends & Gambling), but also to the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge. Hey, everyone deserves a chance at a billion bucks! Plus it’s free so why wouldn’t you at least try? Cats can do it, so can you! #DontTakeMyPicksBitches! While I had a few minor upsets, I chose my teams mainly on outside predictions and personal interest. Again, I have no chance in hell but this shit is fun. Not to mention, I’m from Michigan and nothing would be better then a MSU vs. UofM brawl for the national title. #ShitWouldBeCray. I also decided on the name “#WakeMeWhenIWinABillion”. Hashtag, for the win!

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.00.12 PM

So if you’re at all interested in getting in on that office pool, gambling with the boys or just want to have a better understanding of how it is that March Madness has taken on such an absurd following, I will be here all spring to answer any and all questions! While I’m no expert, neither is the next guy! #Truth. OH and to get in on the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge click on the link above or visit by clicking the photo below. FYI: I charge a 10% referral fee or a small yacht if any of you win. Your choice, Probs cheaper to get me the yacht. #JustSayin.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.39.02 PM

Do any of you take part in March Madness? What is some of your best advice or questions? Share in the comments!


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I Wanna Know (Where Da Gold At). *

Yeah. Typically I am ALL about this holiday. . . a traditional Irish wild flower, I’m all but sober on a day like this. That is, until I became an adult. . . or stopped bartending. . . I’m not really sure which. While I will always enjoy the pure bliss that is green beer and mass chaos, I have come to realize that there are more important aspects to my March 17th. Take for instance this little gem:

Where The Gold At Collage .jpg

Not Irish? Hate Green? Despise the crowds  or just don’t think you have a reason to celebrate? I’m here to inform you that you, you my friends, are WRONG. Everyone can celebrate stupidity. #Fact. Everyone Loves Laughing. #AnotherFact. If you haven’t seen this news coverage from back in 2006 in Mobile Alabama, you’re pretty much missing out on all that life has to offer. #Literally. Every year I celebrate this fantastic holiday – beer or not- with a simple 2 minute reminder of why this is one of the most amazingly stupid days ever. . .  then I get excited about life and usually go drink beer. Not this year. It’s Monday People!! But seriously, if you enjoy laughing then you can celebrate a few minutes of your day today too. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My Husband has a shirt with this exact sketch on it. I have no idea where he got it but he wears it every St. Patty’s day. Few humans see this shirt and realize what it is they are actually looking at, I saw this shirt and realized I had met my match. . . #TrueLove. #WeirdForeverTogether. #MyVeryOwnPatrick.  

Then we have the “Remix”. Don’t slack on me now, I’m being dead serious. If you’re gonna get a lesson on “The Leprechaun” you mine as well educate yourselves! It makes my day every year and I can hardly wait until 2015 to celebrate all over again! For more entertaining Leprechaun laughter visit:

Other then this amazingness, I’m celebrating my St. Patty’s by decorating my daughter in green for daycare, eating a traditional Irish lunch and rocking out to some Dropkick Murphys on my way home from work. #OldPeopleProblems. Oh- and I announced my St. Patty’s Day contest winner at midnight (My First EVER Giveaway)! Big Shout Out to Kathy over at Vodka And Soda. . . #UnethicalShitForTheWin!!

What Traditions Do You Have On St. Patrick’s Day?

Until next year:


Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 4.35.08 PM

Silver White Winters That Melt Into Springs. . . *

. . .These are a few of my favorite things! #FridayFavorites. #YesIJustQuotedTheSoundOfMusic. #GetUsedToIt.

So anyhow: Hell YES. It’s 53 degrees out in Detroit and I couldn’t be happier it’s Friday. I would like to get this Friday Favorites kicked off with a few of the things that are just making my life today. . . . and basically this week in general!

Friday Favorites

First off: Sweet Tunes. I have been having one of those weeks where everything that’s roughly 10 years old is just rocking my world. I’m reliving my youth and I probably definitely made a new Spotify playlist that’s 581 songs of pure Indie Rock and distant memories. I couldn’t be happier about this. Lets review some of the bands that made this “My Youth & Yours” (Feel Free To Follow Me On Spotify: Chelsea Elizabeth Scally) playlist shall we?

Throw Back Tunes

Yes, I made this. No, I am not ashamed. #JustBored. Pretty much the best music you can find for a day like today.

Second Up: Fresh Air & Sunshine. Yes, this is for real. 50 Degrees. #SpringIsInTheAir! FYI, It will be in the 20’s again by Sunday. #Michigan. #CherishItWhileYouCan. I did, however, make the most of cruising to pick up our office lunch by opening up the Jeeper’s Sky Roof for the first time this year . . . . and of course jamming out to above mentioned tunes. Hey, I might even get a car wash today. . . . if you know me, that’s saying A LOT.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 3.10.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 3.15.25 PM

Third Runner Up: My Job, Deals are “Clubbin’ It Up” today. Golf is definitely in the air and warm weather is just around the corner. I always LOVE the first spring Friday when I come into the office and we are running a course in every market. . . .and they are all crushing it. It’s a happy happy day for golfers all around and it makes my day. #TeeItUp. Also, a big shout out to “Special Fridays” – another awkward term for Free Lunch Friday- and the selection of El Charro. Best Mexican on the East Side. #GreatWorkTeam. #ThatsANachoNotASalad. Oh and does anyone know where I can get a good pie at around these parts? #HappyPiDay! #LovePie. #FatKid.


Fourth and Final Favorite Of The Day: The #100HappyDays Challenge. It’s pretty much the coolest and most humbling thing I’ve participated with in a while. It’s basically a challenge to have 100 Happy Days in a row. You can check out more here. I’m only on Day 5 and already feel more grateful. It’s beyond simple. . .idiot proof even, all you need to do is snap a photo of one thing each day, moment, memory etc. and label it #100HappyDays. DONE. Don’t skip a damn day people! If you complete this challenge sends you a photo album of all your Happy Days- (Don’t Forget To Register At The Link Provided Or Click On The Photo Below). Apparently 71% of people fail this challenge and the number one reason is claimed to be “Not Enough Time”. #Sad. I however, have every intention of completing this challenge and am loving every second of it. Seriously, check it out. It’s fantastic!

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So there is that. I welcome you all to share your Favorite Things about well, anything and start appreciating the little things! Comment it up, it’s not like any of you are really working today anyhow. 😉

Happy Friday & Have A Fab Weekend! ♥


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