Hello June *

Hello World! Ok, so I’m back. I’ve made it official, I can no longer sit around and pout about my summer. It’s been a rough April/May but I’m ready to take on the world once again! With that being established, lets back it up a bit to what I’ve been up to as of late. . .

Hello June .jpg

So basically, it’s been a lot of “me” time. I say that in a way that isn’t always the most pleasant. . . .but I’m learning to appreciate the new freedoms I’ve been gifted. For instance, today: I rode my bike to Tim Horton’s to treat myself to their new “Frozen Hot Chocolate” – It’s basically a milkshake. #Duh. But I can’t deny it’s marketing scheme. I mean really? It’s a milkshake. Something that’s been around since the dawn of time – or maybe just the 50’s, not entirely sure. . . . (I just googled it – 1885 – BLEW my mind). . . but somehow including the term “hot chocolate” makes you imagine flavors that aren’t even there. Plus, the chocolate whipped cream is insane. I even purchased some chocolate Redi-Whip to make up for when I’m not actually drinking a frozen hot chocolate. #NotLying #BlameMyHusband.

tim hortons .jpg

After I purchased my Timmy’s I strolled on over to Meijer (It’s been an eventful morning, clearly.) Now this isn’t something I should probably be discussing only one day before confessions but I figure, why not? I can’t get in too much trouble as I’ve ridden my bike, trunk space is limited, it’s in the same parking lot. #YeahRight. Anyhow, I stroll around the store with literally nothing in mind. Oh, that’s right! I did need to take a look at the Avery Labels for an Etsy order to see if they sold any 4″ diameter circle labels (I’m still not sure these even exist). . . but I knew they wouldn’t carry such an item so really, that’s just some lame excuse I come up with to enter through the gates of hell. Also known as Meijer. You see, for any of you that don’t know Meijer, (essentially anyone not living in a 5 state region of the Midwest) it’s a similar set up to Walmart with out all the added guilt of buying foreign. It’s a Michigan based retailer of groceries and other useless nonsense that I often need-not buy and in turn, typically feel good about contributing to my local economy upon departure. At least that’s what I tell myself. But seriously, it’s a money trap and I can’t stop. #Help. Anyhow, back to Meijer: I walk around for a good 30 minutes. I check out toddler shoes, the craft section, bed-in-a-bags, baby pool toys and cactuses. I went with the cactus. #Obviously.

cactus .jpg

Isn’t it cute?! It’s was only $2.99. A complete steal if you ask me, and the least amount of money I’ve spent at Meijer ever! #NewRecord! Ok, now I’m sure I sound crazy, but seriously. It’s the little things. #Literally. While I did indeed contemplated how I could ride my Trek home with a Doc Mcstuffins comforter set attached to my back, I quickly realized I was off topic and went back to what truly mattered: the cactus, and got the hell out of there.

So that’s been my day so far. . . Oh, I almost forgot: I decided about 2 weeks ago that I was going to forego the pain of planting 12 flats of annuals AGAIN this year under my pine tree and planted some crap bag of Wild Flower Seeds. First let me start by saying that in NO way am I excited about this. I have spent every single Memorial Day weekend since I can remember at the Eastern Market in Detroit buying $300+ worth of fabulous flowers. This year, I didn’t. With everything that’s been going on, I didn’t have the time nor the energy (or funding for that matter) to be dropping money on such things that most definitely will die. While I can’t very well spend a summer flowerless, I decided for an alternative method. I had my doubts and while it took almost 2 weeks to see any signs of life, I’m happy to report that the seeds have sprouted!


I have NO idea.


With that being said, it’s been a royal pain in my ass to decide when and when not to weed this flower bed. At least I have my actual garden to keep me sane. . . it’s either a tomato or it’s not. #ThankGod.

In retro, this wasn’t really backing up much at all. . . I seriously just covered the past 2 hours of my life, minus dropping off Paige at Montessori. BUT, I have actually accomplished a lot in the past few weeks that I’ve been A-Wall from my blog, though I’m saving some of these updates for a later post. . . such as: The Zoo. (Twice in 2 weeks) – Did I mention we have to go back a 3rd time because we lost the sacred Barney Lunch Box? Thank goodness for Lost & Found. Cleaning the garage – that’s probably not worthy of a post, who am I kidding? But I did pat myself on the back for that. Organizing my Tupperware and crafting a few cute cubbies for my craft room!

& on that note, I’m out! But before I go, make sure to stop on over to Southern Beauty Guide and link-up with Tuesday’s Lets Be Friends Blog Hop! It’s a fun way to meet new people, see inspirational posts and the best part – they pick a few winners each week to be featured on their next hop! It’s a good time and you don’t even have to link-up with your daily post, just pick something recent that you find sharable! Oh, and they always have giveaways – added bonus!

See ya tomorrow!

Cheers!Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 4.35.08 PM

12 thoughts on “Hello June *

  1. I loved your post! You are pretty funny 🙂 Starting June off with a rambling bike ride sounds like a great idea.

    On the weeds or not weeds, I believe it’s only a weed if you don’t want it. So to make life simpler you could appreciate the little plant for what it is and declare that you want it and therefore it is not a weed.

    I found you through the “let’s be friends blog hop”



    • I love your conclusion on weeds. It’s basically brilliant. DONE. That’s how I’m now going to approach the situation! Thanks for linking up! I checked out your blog and I’m gonna be hounding your posts for the next best deal. Gotta love birthday coupons and a frugal female! 🙂


  2. I want a frozen hot chocolate so bad! I’ve been trying to stay strong though b/c I know if I have one it’ll turn into wanting one every damn day! haha


    • Oh I figured it was fake when I purchased it since every cactus had a perfectly placed flower. . . It’s probably for the best, I want the look with out all the obligation to keep it alive. I’m horrible with potted plants! After killing off two potted flowers this spring I figured I would treat myself to this low maintenance cactus!! 🙂


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