She’s Not Dead Yet. *

So yesterday, I received an unfortunate text from my mother that my father and her had decided they were going to be puting our Pug, Bailee to rest. This text came in at approximately 1:00 pm. I was at my desk, surrounded by coworkers. . . It wasn’t the most appropriate environment to be receiving this news, but since I lack the ability to produce tears at a moment’s notice, I survived the initial reaction. I couldn’t decide if I was more upset that Bailee was indeed going to be leaving this earth, or that my mother felt it was appropriate to inform me of this life altering (literally) decision via. text message.

RIP pug art


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Now don’t get me wrong, I know what my mother was thinking. I’m at work, she doesn’t want to bother me. Not to mention she was probably a mess herself as Bailee was always considered “Her” dog and didn’t feel much like talking about it. I totally get all of this. But I was more confused as to why I was JUST now hearing about this, why nobody thought to clue me in that the Pug was doing that horrible, that this was all of a sudden the clear and present option!? Granted, I haven’t lived in their house since 2004, but still!! Regardless of my confusion, this was happening. I was of course upset but I knew that this decision would be best for Bailee. A little background: Bailee is 13 (or 14? Not entirely sure) and she’s been suffering from congestive heart failure for a while now. They prescribed her Lasix a while back and while this helped in the short-term, it was never a solution. With that in mind, my parents made the difficult decision to have Bailee put to sleep and I know that she’s in a far better place today.

Now keeping in mind that I received this text from my mother at around 1:00 pm and that this text said they would be having Bailee put down that afternoon, I figured this was only a few hours away. Vets typically run house calls in a 9-5 timeframe right? Wrong. Upon departing work (around 6:00 pm), I decided to post a heartfelt and slightly humorous Facebook message in Bailee’s memory. I found the cutest photo I could find (trust me there aren’t many – she had an incident 4 days after she was brought home which landed her at the vet with hot-pink “FrankenPug” stitches and a lifetime of crooked vision) and made a post that I felt was best suited for Bailee’s wistful departure. . . . 

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.13.44 AM

That was until I realized that I’m posting a morbid obituary for our still suffering and very much alive, dog. #Shit. After which, hilarity ensued. Was I embarrassed? No. Did I feel a little guilty? No, I felt more like an ass. Was I laughing out loud as I read my mother’s reply in the parking lot of my office? Absolutely. The upside: I found myself able to rush home and FaceTime Bailee one last time. It was comforting to let Paige say goodbye in her own innocent and unknowing way while also saying farewell to a dog I’d known half my life. . . While this overall hasty decision prevented us from any decent and in-person farewell, Steve Jobs made the most of our time together by supplying a little “Apple Care” and gave us one last memorable moment.

Later on, the evening was flooded with a number of comments ranging anywhere from thoughtful memories, to “LMAO @Chelsea” comments. While Bailee was always the brunt of many a joke, it was only appropriate that I took the cake on her final day. . . .  I couldn’t have planned a better or more ass-clowned way for the Pug to go out. It was humor at its finest and I’m glad, if anything, it made my mother laugh in light of an awful afternoon. I love you Bailee! Keep living that “Thug Pug Life” and say hello to Cosmo, Yoda, the Birds, Flush and all 1,3465 hamsters we never needed for me! Xo.


– C