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In an attempt to stay on track, I’m sticking to my Friday Favorites this week. . . . While I have no idea if I even like this idea yet, I have established a Link-Up for any of you that want to get in on this. I also realize I’m not even posting this until like 6:00 pm on Friday (I’m a slacker) so I won’t have hurt feelings if none of you want to get in on this action! Seriously, I’m just testing some shit out because well, I have NO clue what in the hell I’m doing EVER so I figure today would be a decent day to attempt a link-up.

Friday Favorites.jpg

For this Friday Favorites I just want to share a few of my favorite quotes, one liners and musical lyrics that mean a little something to me. Reading inspirational, humorous or even light-hearted quotes is something I’ve always enjoyed and I’ve recently began to turn these personal favorites into inspirational prints. Combining work with passion. . . it’s just something I’m trying for meSticky Note 7.jpg Sticky Note 5.jpg Sticky Note 1.jpg Sticky Note 2.jpg Sticky Note 8.jpg Sticky Note 4.jpg Sticky Note 6.jpg Sticky Note 3.jpg

I just love these little sticky notes. I have to say that every one of these quotes just brightens my day!

What are some of your favorite quotes?

Feel like sharing some of your favorites? It can be anything! Get creative and join in on the fun! Happy Friday. 

Please Feel Free To Get In On The Friday Favorite Action By Joining My Link-Up- Or just get in on it for the sake of me making sure I’m doing this shit right!!!


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