I Wanna Know (Where Da Gold At). *

Yeah. Typically I am ALL about this holiday. . . a traditional Irish wild flower, I’m all but sober on a day like this. That is, until I became an adult. . . or stopped bartending. . . I’m not really sure which. While I will always enjoy the pure bliss that is green beer and mass chaos, I have come to realize that there are more important aspects to my March 17th. Take for instance this little gem:

Where The Gold At Collage .jpg

Not Irish? Hate Green? Despise the crowds  or just don’t think you have a reason to celebrate? I’m here to inform you that you, you my friends, are WRONG. Everyone can celebrate stupidity. #Fact. Everyone Loves Laughing. #AnotherFact. If you haven’t seen this news coverage from back in 2006 in Mobile Alabama, you’re pretty much missing out on all that life has to offer. #Literally. Every year I celebrate this fantastic holiday – beer or not- with a simple 2 minute reminder of why this is one of the most amazingly stupid days ever. . .  then I get excited about life and usually go drink beer. Not this year. It’s Monday People!! But seriously, if you enjoy laughing then you can celebrate a few minutes of your day today too. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My Husband has a shirt with this exact sketch on it. I have no idea where he got it but he wears it every St. Patty’s day. Few humans see this shirt and realize what it is they are actually looking at, I saw this shirt and realized I had met my match. . . #TrueLove. #WeirdForeverTogether. #MyVeryOwnPatrick.  

Then we have the “Remix”. Don’t slack on me now, I’m being dead serious. If you’re gonna get a lesson on “The Leprechaun” you mine as well educate yourselves! It makes my day every year and I can hardly wait until 2015 to celebrate all over again! For more entertaining Leprechaun laughter visit: http://www.wherethegoldat.com/.

Other then this amazingness, I’m celebrating my St. Patty’s by decorating my daughter in green for daycare, eating a traditional Irish lunch and rocking out to some Dropkick Murphys on my way home from work. #OldPeopleProblems. Oh- and I announced my St. Patty’s Day contest winner at midnight (My First EVER Giveaway)! Big Shout Out to Kathy over at Vodka And Soda. . . #UnethicalShitForTheWin!!

What Traditions Do You Have On St. Patrick’s Day?

Until next year:


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