Fuck You Mondays . . . *

So I went off to bed last night not entirely sure what I would feel like posting today . . . until today started. 

monday you bastard

Oh My Lord. . . . I haven’t had a Monday this bad in years! To start, I’ve been visiting a chiropractor for an achy shoulder situation this past week and I wake up ten times last night in killer pain. . . . (clearly the Chiro is not helping). Roll out of bed to get my daughter ready for school and rush around per usual in a chaotic yet, completely insane manner. . . only to leave the house forgetting some password my husband needed me to text him . . . .

Turn around. Get Pissed. Swear in front of child. . . . apologize, sort of. Proceed to head back to school. Out of windshield wiper fluid. #OfCourse  Pull in parking lot, unbuckle Paige. . . . teacher comes strolling out to remind me “She doesn’t have school today”. #FML. Call my in-laws. Ask if they can watch her? Yes. Get back in car. Swear More. Don’t bother apologizing, too late for that now. Drive all the way across town. Drop Paige off. Angry Baby. Annoyed Mom. Back to work . . . .half hour late.

case of the mondays

Sit down at my computer and attempt to work. Remind myself to pay bills (what every human wants to do on a Monday – #Yesss). Pay ALL the wrong bills for this current pay cycle. Swear Profusely. Do NOT apologize. Start to wince, take computer to back closet. Proceed to almost cry in dark closet. Call bank and ask that my large student loan payments be stopped. NO Can Do. #FML. Swear More. Try to see in what way I can flip my bills around and somehow still pay on time and not be poor. Not possible. Phone bill’s due tomorrow. . . . #GonnaBePoor. Go to heat up coffee in office microwave. Blow Fuse. . . . . . . #SayFuck. Sit down and write this post.

It’s only 12:30 PM. That’s only the half of it!! (Literally).

I brought a turkey sandwich for lunch. A Margarita sounds better. Or Maybe a Cupcake. Or maybe, BOTH!

margarita cupcake

*Thank You BrownEyedBaker For This Tantalizing Image To Get Me Through My Day.

 Oh Monday. . . .Fuck You

I would also like to note that I have NEVER in my life paid all the wrong bills and that I can honestly say that I don’t always hate Mondays, I actually consider them a fresh start! Oh but this Monday. . . . This I can’t ignore.  While I was already aware this week would be a challenge, this is just NOT what I needed to kick it off. Maybe I’m being tested so that the rest of this week won’t seem so horrid? #WhoKnows.

What Hell Stricken Mondays Have You Had?


– C