The Lost Confessions *

I can’t help but surrender to the idea that I’m incapable of pre-planning my blogging week. While I look forward to the day that I can call myself “organized”, it doesn’t help that I’m currently a ball of chaos. I confess, I love creeping on all the ideal Pinterest ways in which to Organize/Promote/Influence your blog, but let’s be real, between my full-time career, part-time Etsy business, being a mom, wife, and living anything remotely close to a life. . . .pre-planning a blog is hardly on my to-do list!

To be brutally honest, I confess: I have been super proud of myself for even getting on here almost every day and getting something on paper! While I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator, I tend to do my best work in the heat of the moment the last damn second of my day. Hell, I typically don’t even post for the day until 4pm and THAT is another thing I hope to change. . . you and your morning posts! #OverAchievers!!! I have these grand ideas you see, of a blog that has substance, flow, even an “agenda”. . . . right now it’s just a damn disaster and I truly appreciate all of you that follow along while I stumble to find my footing!

While the majority of the blogs I follow have a solid voice, I have to admit that I in no way have any idea where this little guy’s going. I have this schedule in mind where every week I do something like: Monday: (insert idea here- probably bad that I can’t even start the week with a solid thought), Tuesday: (something about married life, motherhood, serious shit), Wednesday: (Confessions & Funny stuff), Thursday: (DIY And How-To’s), Friday: (Favorites) and the Weekend: Well, you’re lucky if I even think twice about the blogisphere! This my friends is a long way off from my current status and while I hope to one day make it, for now I’m completely ok with having absolutely nothing in mind when I click “New Post”. #LiterallyNothing.

Confession: This post wasn’t decided until I clicked on “New Post”. I typically am bursting with confessions but I wanted to take this weeks Rant to a more organized place. #BecauseThinkingOutLoudIsAlwaysSoOrganized. [Right]. But seriously, what’s more to confess when you’ve come to realize that you’re confessing to yourself that you can’t even come up with a topic for confessions?!?. . . That is stems back to the fact that you have to admit (confess) that you aren’t the most organized blogger, then you realize that your faults are just piling up and all result in the simple fact that you can’t pick a damn topic to write about! Thank God for Kathy over at Vodka and Soda for at least solidifying my Wednesdays with a constant theme. If it wasn’t for her Humpday Confessions, I’m positive Wednesdays would be another (insert idea here) kind of day! Obviously, make sure you go check her out – It’s a great Wednesday tradition.

While I’m positive you’ve all been in my shoes (if you haven’t, stop bragging!), I would love a bit of advice on where and when you  found your “flow” – If you will? Do you even have one? Am I supposed to be this worried about it? How in the F do you guys plan out your blogs and if you don’t how in the hell do you find interesting material? What tips do you have for me?


The Lost Blogger.


Ps. Make sure you stop over at Fitness Blondie’s: Hump Day Blog Hop for more mid-week fun as well and link-up with the rest of her crew!


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10 thoughts on “The Lost Confessions *

  1. Definitely. I like it because I can just think “what do I suck at lately” or “what makes me a horrible person”? and then I can go on posting LMAO. It’s not too hard for people like me too brainstorm unethical shit for post’s sake.


  2. Chelsea, you certainly aren’t the only one! (there was that 1 blogger who had 101 drafts lined up….but she’s the exception) On a good week, I will have 3 posts lined up but on a bad week, there will be 0. Hopefully there’s 0 posts b/c something good is going on IRL and I might not post about it b/c I don’t want to share my world with everyone. Anywho, I have a flexible schedule of topics, like you drafted. I would like to post Tues, Wed, Thurs. “Yea right” on weekends or Monday! The topics schedule has helped immensely. As for your “voice”, I’d say it comes with time and with more writing (I know, Catch 22 when you don’t have anything to write about!). It took me about 2 years of wishy washy blogging to really hone-in on the topics I have interests in. Again, the topics schedule helps keep me on track. Don’t worry, you’ll get where you want to go!

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    • Thank you! Great advice. I know I have to keep at it as it’s only been 4 months of really chipping away at this, so much to learn! I am going to make a point to get better at my schedule though and hopefully I can at least make a rough draft list of ideas I want to hone in on!!


  3. I try to have posts laid out in my head for the week and it never works out. The only one I don’t manage to mess up is the Friday Favorites. I think random is good it keeps people coming back for more right? 😉


    • Haha yeah that’s the only one I seem to stick to that’s my own thing. Probably because I made a point to start it out and don’t want to fall off the wagon! 🙂 I hope it keeps people coming back, otherwise I don’t know what does!!


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