Silver White Winters That Melt Into Springs. . . *

. . .These are a few of my favorite things! #FridayFavorites. #YesIJustQuotedTheSoundOfMusic. #GetUsedToIt.

So anyhow: Hell YES. It’s 53 degrees out in Detroit and I couldn’t be happier it’s Friday. I would like to get this Friday Favorites kicked off with a few of the things that are just making my life today. . . . and basically this week in general!

Friday Favorites

First off: Sweet Tunes. I have been having one of those weeks where everything that’s roughly 10 years old is just rocking my world. I’m reliving my youth and I probably definitely made a new Spotify playlist that’s 581 songs of pure Indie Rock and distant memories. I couldn’t be happier about this. Lets review some of the bands that made this “My Youth & Yours” (Feel Free To Follow Me On Spotify: Chelsea Elizabeth Scally) playlist shall we?

Throw Back Tunes

Yes, I made this. No, I am not ashamed. #JustBored. Pretty much the best music you can find for a day like today.

Second Up: Fresh Air & Sunshine. Yes, this is for real. 50 Degrees. #SpringIsInTheAir! FYI, It will be in the 20’s again by Sunday. #Michigan. #CherishItWhileYouCan. I did, however, make the most of cruising to pick up our office lunch by opening up the Jeeper’s Sky Roof for the first time this year . . . . and of course jamming out to above mentioned tunes. Hey, I might even get a car wash today. . . . if you know me, that’s saying A LOT.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 3.10.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 3.15.25 PM

Third Runner Up: My Job, Deals are “Clubbin’ It Up” today. Golf is definitely in the air and warm weather is just around the corner. I always LOVE the first spring Friday when I come into the office and we are running a course in every market. . . .and they are all crushing it. It’s a happy happy day for golfers all around and it makes my day. #TeeItUp. Also, a big shout out to “Special Fridays” – another awkward term for Free Lunch Friday- and the selection of El Charro. Best Mexican on the East Side. #GreatWorkTeam. #ThatsANachoNotASalad. Oh and does anyone know where I can get a good pie at around these parts? #HappyPiDay! #LovePie. #FatKid.


Fourth and Final Favorite Of The Day: The #100HappyDays Challenge. It’s pretty much the coolest and most humbling thing I’ve participated with in a while. It’s basically a challenge to have 100 Happy Days in a row. You can check out more here. I’m only on Day 5 and already feel more grateful. It’s beyond simple. . .idiot proof even, all you need to do is snap a photo of one thing each day, moment, memory etc. and label it #100HappyDays. DONE. Don’t skip a damn day people! If you complete this challenge sends you a photo album of all your Happy Days- (Don’t Forget To Register At The Link Provided Or Click On The Photo Below). Apparently 71% of people fail this challenge and the number one reason is claimed to be “Not Enough Time”. #Sad. I however, have every intention of completing this challenge and am loving every second of it. Seriously, check it out. It’s fantastic!

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 3.21.37 PM

So there is that. I welcome you all to share your Favorite Things about well, anything and start appreciating the little things! Comment it up, it’s not like any of you are really working today anyhow. 😉

Happy Friday & Have A Fab Weekend! ♥


Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 4.35.08 PM

Friday Favorites: We MUST Talk About Baby Humans *

So it’s Friday. Last night my father messaged me on Facebook (Yes, he’s that tech savvy apparently), and he informed me that upon stalking my name on google (He must do this often because as tech savvy as he is, he’s also paranoid from time to time- which aren’t all people over the age of 40 working around the internet?) he came across my blog. #Busted. I totally haven’t started sharing this nonsense with my friends and family yet because, well, I’m lost. I don’t know what the hell I’m even doing on here but so far I’m satisfied. And that’s all that matters. ME. I also haven’t begun sharing because it’s something I want to be not a fucking shit show “well established” once I let my outside world in. I need a flow, or a theme or something people actually care about? I don’t even know. I’m just rambling. 

I then started to think about what weekly routines I want to start on my blog. Something that can perhaps gauge interest or become a fun tradition for people to get involved in? I guess that my first idea was Friday Favorites. Everyone loves Fridays, it’s just common knowledge. Why not make them even better by spending my morning talking about some of my favorite things? (No Matter HOW Random They May Be). I mean who doesn’t want to make a great day greater? And even if your Friday may be going to hell, you can get online and read, share and laugh in the randomness that makes my world spin. It’s all I could think of so far, besides that I should probably make a point to do my “Creative Chaos” posts on Thursdays because that’s when I typically attempt something random around my house. I then realized at this point that I would be holding myself more accountable to this blog. #Shit. While I have limited followers and absolutely no idea how to gauge an interest in my boring little life, I think this is the correct direction to be heading in. Plus I’m all about organization so I mine as well get this blog in order since my life is anything but. 

Baby Humans 1

With that being said, I would like to spend this first ♥Friday Favorites♥ talking about Baby Humans. Baby Humans are defined by me as: a small baby or toddler that is dressed like an adult, teen or someone in their 90s. Over all they are mature in image and underdeveloped in reality. Probably the cutest things to grace the planet. While they may rock that Burberry scarf and Lacoste sweater, they are secretly unrolling your toilet paper around the corner. It couldn’t be more practical. They make my life. While I pin these little creatures left and right, I’ve taken a few moments to share my absolute favorite photos of these adorable little minis and conclude with some Baby Gap outfits (My Personal Downfall- Baby Clothes Shopping) that will thus result in me continuing to dress my own mini as a Baby Human. I can’t wait! Lets get this started.

* I’m slightly more partial to the Baby Human women as I have a girl of my own but I’ve managed to find some absolutely fabulous mini men as well. . . Please Enjoy. Also note, these photos are NOT mine and a source link is provided upon clicking each photo. I would also like to personally thank the Photographers, Bloggers, and Etsy Owners that took the time to dress these Little Humans and photograph them for my viewing pleasure. I ♥!

Baby Humans Take One: 

Baby Human 18

Unreal Cuteness. The Hat- Coat- Scarf – Leggings & TEDDY. 

Baby Human 17

The Fringe Boots & Sweater. OMG. 

Baby Human 16

Baby Converse Are My Heart. Paige received them from a good friend, Tiffany when she was one. I died. 

Baby Human 15

Paige is obsessed with cat shirts, so is mom. I find them hilarious – I’m not even a cat person. This rocker chick look with the sling bag, adorbs! 

Baby Human - 19

The striped tank and headband with those cat-eye glasses. I adore the retro look on all ages. 

Baby Human 23

This kid could be the Beebs. Not even sure, all I know is I want Paige to date him. #ThatScarf

Baby Human 14

This little nugget needs to put some shoes on, BUT I’m in love with this dress. . . oh and her hair? I’ve been working 28 years to perfect my locks, she’s already got this. 

Baby Human 13

Babies with purses #IDie. Those flats and the headband, rocking a jean top. I love this. 

Baby Human 12

Ok the cable sweater and headband, I want to be in her clique. No joke. 

Baby Humans 27

THIS HAT. #KentuckyDerbyBaby

Baby Human 24

If this baby is real life, I don’t know how to deal. He’s the cutest little nugget man ever!

Baby Humans 17

The future of country music. Something about babies and cowboy boots. . . I melt. Look at that pose too!! #Attitude. EEEEEK!

Baby Human 20

Messy bun? Toddler? What? I love this. That top, infinity and mocs are top-notch too!

Baby Humans 6

WHAT the hell, Where do they sell these hats? #PaigeMomNeeds

Baby Humans 4

Not even gonna lie, I would rock this dress. Actually I want it like yesterday,  but these Baby Humans just pull it off so much better! 

Baby Humans 2

HATS. Vintage Suit. I want to read this baby a book. 

Baby Human 26

Riding boots on anything under 3 feet is just the cutest thing a person can witness. . . . enough said. 

Baby Humans 11

Hello Nuggets!! #WhereAreYouHeaded?

Baby Humans 10

This entire look is my obsession, and on a toddler no less! 

Baby Human 22

Why hello little man! Seriously with those shoes? Why can’t they all be baby gentlemen?

Baby Humans 8

This little girl has my heart. Baby Uggs, the headband, the sweater, belt, shorts. It just WORKS. 

Baby Humans 9

Ok so this could be my personal fave. The jacket, stroller, leggings, color selection, hat, shoes, just AHHH! #ILoveBABYHUMANS

Baby Humans 3

Baby Cali. Love these shades. 

Baby Humans 5

That tunic sweater is a must have for ALL ages. So sweet. 

Baby Human 25

Ok, this little mini needs her own magazine cover. I seriously want to give her a camera and a Laberdoodle and she’s set for life. #BeachBum

Baby Human 21

Peeptoe flats. What the hell. She’s too cute for words. #NeonPrincess And again with the purses. WHY so cute?!

Baby Humans 7

This Dress – I need the pattern. It’s to die. Baby Maxi – Who knew~?

Before I forget – My Own Baby Human! ♥

Ok So There Is That. My ♥Friday Favorites♥ of Baby Humans. I would like to sincerely thank the photographers again and advise all the people who purchased this baby attire to please forward me all links as to where I can purchase. I actually want for myself as well but I’ll settle for dressing vicariously through my daughter. . . which has presented a large issue during my “Retail Therapy” sessions. #OoOops. 

Lastly, I will give you a small dose of my future purchasing conquest. . . as I seldom open emails from GAP (because I know I will cave under their Baby Human cuteness pressure – Oh and the 40% coupons), I have accidentally stumbled across their new spring Baby Human line. . . . it’s all must have. #NoLie. I’ve collected some of my personal faves. . . I hope Paige agrees. 

Baby Gap Ensemble

So with that I will conclude my first ♥Friday Favorites♥! I am not gonna lie, this post made my morning already. It’s kinda nice to switch it up from the constant “Things That Drive Me Crazy” posts or the “Guilty As Charged” sessions. . . Just post what makes you happy- some of your favorites!! Love me some Baby Humans and now I can’t wait for 5-0’clock!

Do any of you have children? What are some of your favorite places to shop? I Love New Ideas!!! 

Also, Feel free to comment a few of your favorite things! – Get in on the action, I love the positivity (& Humor) this instills in my Friday! 


– C